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This Is Not A Secret System.
No need to pay out a lot of money in advance just to purchase a so called secret money making system only to find out that it is a "Been There Done That" that you have done before. No need to listen to some guru go on and on bragging about their mansion, their Lamborghini and their yacht and endless testimony telling how they make $5,000 a day before you pay just to find out what this Clickbank products is all about. The video playing above tells everything.

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Clickbank Products
If you are reading this, it's not a secret to be sold by me to make money. There are thousands of secrets out there on how to make money on the internet. Most of these secrets are not really secrets but are information bits that a lot of us already know or already doing or have done. It's is a "Been there Done that" for many of us just repackage in a different form. I have tried several of these "Get Rich" secret software and they do seem to work but I never make the money like the gurus claim, not even close. Once in a while I may make a couple of hundred dollars but it is never a steady and stable income where I can plan a budget on. I would have one good week but several bad weeks in between where I would be spending more on advertising than I would be earning. All of these great software have one common need to be successful which is the bottom line and that bottom line is TRAFFIC, CTR, CONVERSION and SALES. No matter how good or bad the software is, whether it cost $47 or $997, it all comes down to QUALITY TRAFFIC. The big Gurus hardly ever talk about the important's of this in their sales pitch. Yes QUALITY TRAFFIC and I do mean a lot of it.

Using PPC to promote ClickBank Products.
Well this is what I do to make money on the net. The fact that you are already on this web site is proof in the putting for starters. I am a Click bank affiliate where I select products to promote from the Clickbank market place. There are over 10,000 products to promote and make money. I have made some money but the big problem is that I am so overwhelmed from the Clickbank site as for as what to promote, what sells and most of all what products will pay more than the cost to promote and advertise the products. For example: I promoted "Sitebuilder Elite" and made over $120 but it cost me over $150 just to advertise it on the net using ppc and other advertising platforms. The problem with ppc is that it is a one shot deal per customers. You only get them one time only whether they buy or not.

Using A Third Party Software or Web Site.
What I did now was to go online in search of these third party software site for promoting Clickbank products. I have found several sites. Some were outdated or had too many server error problems. Some site were free but were out of business on the clickbank end. I came across CBproAds which is fairly new although not the best but it is good for what I want to do.

Having Returning Customers E-mail Address Is The Way To Go.
I run my own classified ads web sites where I allow people to post ads on my web site for free. Almost all of my customers come back to repost there ads over and over again. I also gain new customers daily. It is always easy to gain free customers as long as you offer them something for free. The most important part about running my own classified ads site is that I am building up a email list as people register to post free ads. At certain points in time I send out an email to all of my registered user about promotional news for my classified ads sites. I use this opportunity to also promote a Clickbank product related to the news in the emails. I have made money doing this and it is free to do being that I own my classified ads sites so I get to set the bar. I achieve better results this way and it is a lot cheaper than using ppc because I don't have to pay for an email list of any kind. If you run a blog or simple web site, make sure that it has some kind of email auto responder. You can always add it to an existing blog site using a third party software such as any email marketing kits sold online..

Promote ClickBank Products Using CBproAds Web Site.

With CBproAds I can key in a keyword(s) on what products to promote and the web site (this is not a software to download, it is a web site) will automatically find all of the related products to promote and it will also create a store front for me with all of the products listed across several pages. That is great. It is an actual store with my unique url link to promote. Click Here to see my actual store front then click back to this page. Now here is the better part of it all. Your store front will be loaded with thousands of clickbank products with your CLICKBANK ID already inserted in every last single product. I only insert my CB id one time and that was the day that I sign up with CBproAds. You are also given access to an affiliate promotional tool kit where you can select all kinds of affiliate banners, additional store fronts and a whole lot more.

CBproAds Is Free.
CBproAds is not a software that you have to purchase and download and run on a server at some additional cost. It is an actual web site that grant you free access to its marketing service where you can set up store fronts, affiliate banners and links but you are still responsible for entering you ClickBank id into your banners and links. The only drawback is that you must share 50% of your Clickbank profit with CBproAds which is not a bad deal considering that you will notice an increase in your ClickBank sales. However they do offer an lifetime upgrade where you keep 100% of the profits. This will cost you about $78 but you can get it for $54 if you use their coupon offered on site, so it is really only $54 anyway because who will NOT use the coupon.

Benefits Of Upgrading To Pro Status.

Benefits of the upgrade is very important. We all know that Clickbank offer over 10,000 digital products to sale. Would it be great if you can sell all 10,000 Clickbank products. It's not going to happen. Who in their right mind is going to be sitting in front of a computer all day reviewing and promoting every single item, then having to insert their CB id in the link codes where you see the"XXXXX" for each individual product. itself doesn't offer any kind of system that will automatically insert your CB id into any vender's web site affiliate product that you promote. However ClickBank will have your CB id already inserted or encrypted into the promotional "Hop" links direct from the ClickBank web site. It is left up to you to create banners and text for the links you are promoting.
With CBproAds using the upgrade you are given a store front url that you promote. It is an actual store filled with over thousands of ClickBank products that you selected just by entering a single keyword(s) into a search box. Bingo, an entire web site is automatically built for you with every product already pre coded with your CB affiliate id. You also have the option of uploading your own site logo, your own domain name and hosting it on your own server or hosting company. If you have your own web site you can upload the store front as part of your existing web site using word press. Many more options available.

All banners and links in the tool kit will already have your CB id inserted in the embedded codes. I can't say that CBproAds is the best because I do see occasional errors on site that come and go but over all it is the best for me. You can follow them on twitter where sometimes they explain away these errors.
I now use one of my sites to display mainly Clickbank affiliate banners and advertise my storefront url's. Its all free for me because I own this site and I allow people to use it for free so that I can accumulate email address. The only thing I pay for is to maintain the site's domain name "" and web hosting which is something I have already been doing for several years. You may have notice all of the Clickbank banners on the site. I own almost every CB banners and link on site.
Well anyway this is just a brief description of what I started doing to make money with Clickbank using a third party web site (not software) to make money. If you want to follow my foot steps:
1) Start a free classified ads web site to build a email list. Search the web for classified ads software.

2) Get a domain name.

3) Find the cheapest web hosting service with email service included. (needed if hosting your own classified ads site)

4) IMPORTANT: Join to get your CB id if you don't already have one. It is free to join.

5) Find a third party software or web site to promote your CB products the easy way. I use

6) Follow only step 4 and 5 if you just want to set up a store front only then click on any blue banner to get started.

7) Advertise the hell out of your classified ads or store front web site using ppc or free SEO.

Don't expect to make money on the first day although it is very possible. Let your email list build a little first. Also, try not to use pay-per-click to advertise CBproAds. Although we had some sales it wasn't worth the cost of ppc. Perhaps you may have better results. I found that it is more affective to use several classified ads sites as well as our too. Also blogging, facebook, other social networks and twitter gives good results too. Try not to buy bulk traffic (10,000 visitors for $7) or traffic exchange, traffic surfing or anything like it. Had absolutely no sales through those platforms.

Disclaimer: I am now an affiliate of CBproAds and I do receive commissions from CBproAds as a result of promoting their products. I am also the owner of PAN. You may have notice an increase in CBproAds banners displays throughout my web site. So what does that tell you. As an affiliate who offer reviews about products we are required by the Federal Trade Commission to inform our viewers if we receive commissions. Proud to say "yes we do and so can you".

PAN team