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Ashley Madison Agency: Shocking Truths Nobody Knows

Author: Chad Clark

In the realm of Internet dating, one name is king within certain circles: the Ashley Madison Agency. You may be saying to yourself, "I have not heard of it, so what kind of circles is it king in?" Straight up, it is a company dedicated to serving the dating needs of a certain demographic: married persons.

The agency promotes having an extramarital affair, or affairs, for that matter. It certainly is a novel idea, and one that is prone to criticism and more than a little scandalous. Yet, it has several million active members across the Western Hemisphere, in the USA, Canada, and others. So they must be doing something right, right?

Just for the record: marital infidelity is bad. Now that that's over with, we take a closer look at this "Ashley Madison Agency." Who is this Ashley Madison, anyway? Certainly, it cannot be the pretty blonde actress in "Miss March".

In fact, the Ashley Madison in connection with the married-persons dating site is not an actual person, but a fictional one. The company's founder is Noel Biderman, who together with his colleagues, came up with the name by putting together two of the most popular names: "Ashley" plus "Madison" equals "Ashley Madison". The company was founded in 2001, and today has about 5 million members.

The question remains: "What makes it so darn popular?" You would think that most people would be turned off by the immorality of the whole thing. Well, it seems that marital satisfaction is not nearly as common as we want it to be.

Many of the members who sign-up with the Ashley Madison Agency are men and women in marriages that lack action in the bed department, yet those men and women are not wont to leave their spouses either.

If anything else, the company acts as way for these people to let off some carnal steam. It might even be conceivable that such affairs actually keep marriages together, as long as the affair remains discreet, of course.

Speaking of discreet, the company promises not to release your information to marketers and the like, nor will they use your activities to blackmail you. There are also tips as to how to conduct your affairs to minimize risk of discovery.

The surface is classy and sleek, though it cannot be definitively said of what happens in private chat rooms.

Many of those on the dating service understand what exactly it is about. It is not about finding a new spouse, but rather finding someone who can help you release your sexual urges in order to keep your marriage from breaking under the strain.

Through the Ashley Madison Agency, members have been able to have satisfying sexual encounters, from which they return to their families sated and happy. If anything else, it is quite a fair bit cheaper than getting a divorce, which is costly and nasty beyond description.

By having discreet affairs, the members avoid the need or the want for divorces, keeping their marriages intact for the sake of their families and loved ones.

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