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Here at PAN you never have to pay anything to post as many free ads as you wish. Your ads are posted instantly pending approval at a later date. To post free ads all you have to do is follow the 3 simple steps just one time to register. Registration is free. Be sure that your browser's ad blocking setting are disabled to display all site navigation buttons first. From then on you can keep posting free ads always. Important: To post FREE ads be sure to set all pay options to "0.00". Don't worry, there are no tricks. Note: Over 97% of traffic to PAN is from Yahoo and Bing ppc and Google Search results. We do not accept traffic from any other paid services. All pay-per-click traffic is USA targeted from Bing and Yahoo. Additional traffic to our site comes from SEO search results or referrals. We do this to ensure that your ads are viewed by real people sent to us from legitimate quality traffic and not an automatic clickbots, traffic exchange, traffic surfing or buying traffic in bulk such as those 10,000 visitors for $7 scam sites. We dislike automated people.
Fighting Against Ad Block Plus for you.....
We offer free ad posting. Our site is great for posting ads. Many web sites like facebook, twitter and YouTube are now having trouble displaying your ads and affiliate banners for their customers due to the ever increasing uses of people using ad blocking software such as Ad Block Plus. People who visit those sites are not there to view ads and will most likely have their ad blocking setting turned on to block ads. Here at PAN we are a classified ads web site which is now becoming the ideal place for posting ads. Almost all people who visit our site are here to view or post ads. They will most likely have their ad blocking setting turned off in order to view or post ads. We encourage all visitors and members to disable ad blocking in order to be fair to everyone who uses our site so please post your free ads and enjoy the free ride.
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Add Photo And YouTube Videos
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Make your title short but descriptive. Try to avoid words like "must see", "wow". No buyers would search for those words. Use common keywords related to the placement category and your item, which buyer might use during the search. Properly formatted title also improves page rank while search engines crawl our classified.
  • Add Up To 20 Photos Per Ad.
  • Embed Video Codes (YouTube) Into Your Ads.
  • Embed Affiliate Banner Codes Into Your Ads.
  • Cut And Paste Additional Photos Into Your Ads.
  • GIF, JPG Graphic Slide Show Capability.
Increase your ad visibility and stand out from the crowd by placing your ad into "What's Hot" list. "Hot" ad is displayed on a special "coupon style" page with thumb preview. A special icon is placed next to the ad title in a category list view. In addition "hot" ad displayed separately on subcategory list page. Click any one of "Hot" links above to see how they appear.

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