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We know that posting a banner on any web site is one of the most affective form of advertising out there. We also know that posting your banner on any web site is usually the most expensive form of advertising that you can do. Even more, it is not always cost effective if you spend $30 to advertise your banner for thirty days on most web sites and it only produces about 20 hits and maybe 2 sales. Very much we would like for you to get the most out of your money spent on banner advertising. We offer some of the most lowest rates in banner advertising.

Here is what we can do for you!
Here at PAN we offer affordable banner advertising campaigns. For as low as $4 you can post an 30 day banner (See pricing below for all banner campaigns). If you select to have your banners displayed in logo table at the top of the page, it will also be displayed on all pages at multiple location throughout the web site and under every members ads. Also for promotional reason in addition, your banner will be placed here below in this advertisement to be seen by others where it shall remain until we receive another paid banner submission from another customer or yourself. If no customers submit a paid banner then your banner will remain here  up to 60 days. This may help bring some additional traffic to your banner. This all only applies for standard 468 X 60 size banners posted in Logo table at top of page or zone "1".

Almost ALL web sites will not allow you to do that. We do.

How the banner system works!
All banners submitted by you are selected to be displayed randomly from a pool of banners submitted by all customers per banner pool. You may submit up to 2 banners at a time. How often any banner is displayed depends on how many banners are submitted into the banner pool. Banners posted at top of all pages in logo area or in the floating banner pool will appear one at a time. Banners posted in the home page side portals on home page may appear multiple time at different locations on home page giving you much more impressions and visibility.

All banners technical requirements!
We accept image banners, html banners and flash banners. We may accept iframe and Java Script banners on limited bases. Some java script, flash and iframe banners may not function on our site and might be rejected. Also there are no click data stats displayed for Java Script, iframe and flash banners on our site and they can be blocked by ABP. These kind of banners appears as windows on our site but are hosted and/or streaming data by the remote site for which we have no control over. You will have to check with the web site where these types of banners are linked to for stats availability. Try to limit your banner submission to html or image type banners. Image banners must be jpg, gif or gnp type.

How our strategy works for your banner!
Our web site is all about advertising and gathering visitors to our web site and to offer them a place to post free ads. ABP is not a practical service for this kind of web site. Free advertising is the most attractive way to gain many customers and repeat customers and visitors. Allowing unlimited free classified ads posting helps to bring repeat visitor back to our site over and over again. This in turn helps to create quality traffic which in turn create quality traffic to the banners and ads posted on our site. The majority of traffic to our site is from Google search and Yahoo pay-per-click. No bulk traffic purchase used or traffic redirect from expired domains. Its all helps to ensure that it is all real people that are viewing the banner advertisements here at PAN and not a robot, clickbot or automated person.

Tip: Most effective banners to post on this site are anything related to classified ads, email marketing and e-commerce being that our keywords targets free classified ads posting for people buying and selling products and services.

NOTE: For Any Affiliate Banner Submissions.

If you are posting an affiliate banner anywhere on our site it is up to you to make sure that your affiliate banners doesn't violate any policies of the business that your banner is linked to. It is not up to us here at PAN to see if your affiliate banner meet your affiliate program policies and we will not be held responsible for the violation or loss of business resulting from it. Please examine your affiliate program policies before submitting your affiliate banners.

Latest Banner Submission  Below
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Logo Area Banner Posting
Only 468 X 60 Size Banner Allowed In Logo Area At Top

  • 30 days campaign  -  $4.00
  • 60 days campaign  -  $4.50
  • 90 days campaign  -  $5.00
  • 120 days campaign - $5.50
  • 150 days campaign - $6.00
  • 180 days campaign - $6.50
Important: Do not submit any payment until you receive invoice of banner approval. Continue to "Step 1" near bottom of page to submit a banner first. Note: You must be logged in first in order to view "Step 1".
468 X 60 Banner Campaigns
Enter Your PAN email address.

Floating Banner Advertising
180 days campaign - $50

Note: Only 180 Day Campaign Selection Is Allowed.

NEW: Now up to 700 X 700 Size Banner Allowed.

See Example: See floating banner at right side.
Refresh page: To see other examples of what you can do.
  This is a good way to cheat the system by posting a cluster of several affiliate banners for the price of one as in one of the examples to the right of screen. This is some powerful stuff especially when you ad YouTube videos in support of your affiliate banners.

Floating banners appear randomly on right side of home page and all ads posted by our members in a zone where they will not interfere blocking page content.
These banners can not be closed by visitors. This way your banner can be view continuously because most visitor will close a banner that is blocking their page view instead of clicking on it. We find that when a banner remains open in full view off to the side, visitors are likely to click on them later before leaving the page. It is also the most active traffic receiver for our site. Due to that we charge the higher price of $50 to help offset the cost of ppc for lost traffic away from our site.
Also when any member log into their account they will see your banners.
Don't let the $50 scare you.
It is a good deal when you do the math
Most banners placed here received about 4 clicks a day.

$50 / 180 day / 4 =  $0.055 per click.

Also $50 / $0.055 per click = 900 click

That's cheaper than most pay-per-click sites. If you receive more clicks per day, that makes it that much cheaper per click.

For 180 days floating html banner posting only:
If your banner fails to receive 900 clicks minimum before the 180 days elapse then it will remain posted until it receives a minimum of 900 clicks. This deal does not apply to javascript banners, certain types of flash banners, banner clusters (2 or more banners displayed together at the same time), iframe banners or similar codes for their click data stats can only be track by the hosting site and not our site. You will be informed in advance if your banner does not qualify for the 900 click deal.

Important: Do not submit any payment until you receive invoice of banner approval. Continue to "Step 1" near bottom of page to submit a banner first. Note: You must be logged in first in order to view "Step 1".

Floating Banners
Enter your PAN email address

For 600 X 160 Skyscraper Banner:

Skyscraper banners you submit will appear randomly in portals on left and right side of home page. Note: Skyscraper banners may at times appear on non designated pages  for site administration purposes in an attempt to gather and study data. This may at times give your banners more exposure.
  • Only $5.00 For 30 Days
  • Only $10.00 For 60 Days
  • Only $14.00 For 90 Days
  • Only $17.00 For 120 Days
  • Only $19.00 For 150 Days
  • Only $20.00 For 180 Days
600 X 160 Skyscraper Banner
Enter Your PAN email address.

Important: Do not submit any payment until you receive invoice of banner approval. Continue to "Step 1" near bottom of page to submit a banner first. Note: You must be logged in first in order to view "Step 1".

To apply for banner advertisement campaign, please Create a user account. If you already have an account with us, please logon first.

Don't have a credit card account?
You can still pay us by email using banners below to set up an account.

Send Email Payments To: only. Be sure to include your PostAdsNow Email address along with your payment so that your credits can be applied to your PAN account.
Note: Approved banners will become active within 24 hours after payment is received.